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The skills and know-how of Pressmach experts, the innovations and solutions being evolved and implemented in mechanical and hydraulic presses for more than twentyty years, are perfectly brought into use and combined in excellent custom designed mechanic, pneumatic, servo- and servo-hydraulic PRESSES, which are a superior products of Pressmach.

Presses: Different frames = different applications

Available Frames for our presses depends on application

C-frame press

D-frame Press

H-Frame or straight side press

Pillar-Frame Press

O-Frame Press

Horizontal-Frame press

Special Frame Press

Growing together with our customers

Quality pressing equipment at affordable prices

We have a professional and senior technical team, introducing world-class techniques and adopting famous brand components to guarantee our presses quality and service.

Before delivery, each press must undergo more than 100 quality tests, including at least 72 hours of practical operation in the assembly workshop. All the key components  have corresponding encoding and traceability records, all the presses have undergone 48 hours of stamping test, loading test, voltage test, temperature rising test, precision test, etc.

Our presses have been delivered to more than 10 European countries. We can provide customers with comprehensive services including solutions, design, production, maintenance and operating training.

With our growing development, now our aim is to expand the markets and let more people know Pressmach products. We'll spare no effort to introduce advanced technologies and innovations to continuously improve our quality and achieve a world-class level.