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Shipbuilding : Frame bending press

The frame bending machine has two robot arms. The two arms fix the plates with hydraulic cylinder, and them move from side to siede to complete loading and unloading of the plates to be machined. With the two arms, the machine can complete a series of bending movements like vertical bending and horizontal bending simultaneously. Also, it has an effective control of the transformation of plates.

Parameter Unit EPHH-250FB EPHH-400FB
Nominal capacity tf 250 400
Stroke of slide mm 270 280
Pressure Mpa 22 22
Working speed mm/s 11 11
Central clamp force tf 70 100
Side clamp force tf 35 60
Pressure of hydraulic system Mpa 22 22
Max speed mm/s 100 120
Max distance of single feed mm 400 500
Max pushing force of feeding cylinder tf 24.6 24.6
Max scalene angle steel mm 350 450
Max T shape steel mm 350 450
Max. round steel mm 80 80