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Pressmach Europe

Pressmach Europe is an international consortium that is dedicated to offering our customers superior service and value added products that exceed their expectations. Our products are adapted to geographic locations with the correct voltage and standards. We are equipped with our own Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing and R&D facilities which are situated in various locations around the world. Leveraging our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are able to design and manufacture our complete range of products in a very effective and highly competitive manner. We have installed the most advanced and sophisticated machinery and equipment at our manufacturing facilities, which help us conduct the manufacturing process easily and quickly. Much of how we do things is proprietary and has been devised and refined over many years of experience. As such, our facilities are not open to the public. Nevertheless, we have a dedicated network of sales associates who sell and service our products worldwide.

Our Staff

Our international staff is a well oiled machine with a wealth of experience. From the office staff to the production floor personal, our team is service oriented and highly motivated to make our products the best they can be.  We have an excellent mix of professionals from various backgrounds. With attention to detail and internal quality control, our team is proud of the products we offer.

Our Standards

All our products go through stringent quality control.  We check and then we double check. Our standardized quality control system means your products will be made right the first time.

Our Principles

We say what we mean, and mean what we say.  The well being and success of our clients is paramount. If you are happy then we are happy. If something is not right, we will fix it.  To us it is not all about one machine.  We want you back again and again. And we will be what it takes to have a long term, mutually successful business relationship.

Public Relations

We listen to what you say.  There is always a better way to do something.  If we can improve in any way please feel free to contact us with your suggestions and ideas.



Quality is the cornerstone of the company. Quality is the only way to help customers to achieve expected production. It must meet the needs of customers. We put customer expectations as our standard. Then, through continuous research and develop of new product technology to ensure. Anyway, our ultimate goal is to maintain the customer confidence for us.Make them convince that we are the best partners in now and future. 

1.Best components and parts, sophisticated technology
Pressmach insist use the best quality of components and parts, always adhere precise process, to ensure the products with high quality. We use American, Japaneese or german double solenoid valve, Italian clutch & brake, Taiwan overload protect pump, touch pad, TECO motor, Japanese NSK bearing, seal components, KOYO Electronic cam, France Schneider electronic part, Germany Siemens electric switch and precision gears, driving shaft. High connecting saw tooth and rod, by the processing of imported precision boring and milling machine frame, slide. Etc. 

2.Exquisite and comprehensive testing
Before delivery, each machine has more than 100 times quality test, including at least 72 hours actual operation in the assembly shop. All priority parts have corresponding encoding and traceability records, all machines are have 48 hours strict test. Actually, each machine had   loading test, voltage test, temperature rise test, precision test.

As long as press without install, it must running for preset task, to check personality error and performance parameters. From the beginning of production to the last install, we keep quality assurance for each parts. Static and run test is required when install accessories to the main body, this is the “certification” for install test.

Custom made solutions for every industry


Pressmach has been a partner of the automotive industry for more then 30 years.

We are familiar with the demands of the automotive industry and we deliver profitable solutions such as:

  • Tryout and die-spotting of press-tooling (Tryout – hydraulic cushions)
  • Decoiling lines and mechanical production presses (blanking/cutting – decoiling and recoiling lines)
  • Hydrauic production presses (drawing)
  • Hot forging presses

Steel Industry

Our machines are designed to meet the requirements of the steel industry.

Calamine, extreme conditions such as high temperatures, measurement in dusty environment, heavy shocks and vibrations: we are taking them in account.

  • Straightening presses up to 6500t for hot and cold steel slabs (straightening)
  • Decoiling lines and blanking presses. (blanking/cutting – decoiling and recoiling lines)
  • Drawing presses with tooling for stretching blanks for quality-control of steel sheets.
  • Test benches for fatigue testing of piping (test benches)

Aeronautic industry

The aeronautic industry desires high-tech and quality. The customers’ specifications are large and the requirements to the after sales service are exigent.

Pressmach delivers customised presses and turnkey solutions to the aeronautic industry for more than 20 years:

  • Automatic blanking- and fine cutting lines for helicopter parts (blanking/cutting – decoiling and recoiling lines)
  • Precise straightening presses for machined airplane structures with integration of industrial manipulators and other periphery (straightening)
  • Hot and cold forging of small titanium parts (forging).


Confidentiality, high-tech, reliability, turnkey solutions, advanced technology, pre-production in the constructor’s workshop, … the requirements aren't easy.

Pressmach feels comfortable with the demands of the military industry:

  • Hydraulic and mechanical presses for cupping, drawing, indenting and pressing of brass, steel and aluminium parts (drawing)
  • Hot forging: upsetting, piercing, drawing and nosing of steel parts up to 1500Kg (forging)